Finally complete: High Elf Lord on Elemental Griffon

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This is a project I have been working on for some time. The idea was to link the High Elf Lord’s Griffon with a magical item (his sword).

Given that Elves have such an affinity with magical elements, I think that this painting style opens up all sorts of portals to character storyline.

Having seen a few examples of the Griffon painted well, but in accordance to standard painting schemes, I think that by creating it from fire and magma it has a totally different and more menacing appearance.

The base is made from rocks I selected for their rough appearance. This meant I could effectively transform them into the firey landscape I wanted.

I imagine that this is the land from which the Lord has summoned his steed.

It’s listed on eBay right now!


What colour should I paint my miniature’s cloak?

@SweatnqBullets and @BitzBlog

@SweatnqBullets: So I am planning on painting Crom The Conqueror with bronze armour. What color cloak would compliment bronze? #warhammer

@BitzBlog: Have you thought about a grey/white cloak? Or possibly red. #warhammer

@SweatnqBullets: sweet! thanks! red i would go scab red, red gore, blood red and then fiery orange. you got tips for grey/white cloak?

@BitzBlog: I would start from a foundation, such as astronomicon, then apply a wash, then raise it up by adding white to the base color

making sure to keep the layers quite watered down

@SweatnqBullets: thank you kindly!! i think i will do the white now that you mention it 🙂

@BitzBlog: Should look a nice contrast to the dark armour

If you have any questions regarding the hobby, paint schemes or anything else you can think of, drop a line on the blog or via Twitter @BitzBlog

Skaven Warlock Engineer from Island of Blood

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A great little miniature from the Warhammer Island of Blood set. I’ve gone for a very Warpstone themed color scheme for him, matching the crystals in his apparatus with the cloak.

Available on eBay now!

Warhammer Fantasy Orc Boys Regiment

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Working from a white undercoat and plenty of washes, this mean bunch of Warhammer Fantasy Orc Boys have really come out well. By mixing in a bit of bood red with red wash, the armor has a real weathered look to it.

Available for purchase now!

High Elf Mage Island of Blood

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I love this High Elf Mage figure. Although it suffers from the same restrictions as all the miniatures included in the Island of Blood box set, the detail is fantastic.

I wanted to capture the elemental forces of the base within the color scheme across the model. The gems have come out really well.

Available on eBay here!

Limited Edition Chaos Sorcerer

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A Limited edition Warhammer Fantasy Chaos Sorcerer I painted up in classic Chaos/Slaanesh colors. I love how the lightening on the cloth parts have turned out. A fantastic miniature to paint.

Now available for purchase on eBay!

Rothand Studios: Warhammer Dragon Orgres Conversion

Saw a link to this on Twitter today. Fantastic conversion, nicely presented too. I love the work on the Dragon skin and scales. Has inspired me to put my conversion hat on again, whip out the green stuff and rummage through the bits box.

Got to get myself one of those revolving tables too!